Northwest Custom Drywall


Professional Drywall Application


Dale Orth
(425) 426-9593

Gold Bar, WA

Dear Homeowner,

  I am sure that in your new home or remodel you will want fine quality workmanship from all your subcontractors, so when the time comes for the drywall application in your home, I would like to offer you my services.

  The wallboard is installed in such a way so as to minimize seams and joints, which allows for a cleaner finish. Once the wallboard is nailed in place, screws are used to insure a secure hold and of course honoring all building codes and standards.

  After the Wallboard is installed all seams and joints are taped, finished, primed and made ready either for a textured finish or a smoothwall. There are basically three textures to choose from: Orange Peel, Knockdown, Skip Trowel, or going the extra mile for a smoothwall finish.

  No job too small: Patchwork and repairs welcome!

  I am a small operation with just myself and one or two helpers which insures quality. So, if you are interested in Northwest Custom Drywall doing the drywall in your home, feel free to call me at (425) 426-9593 in Gold Bar, WA.

                        Dale Orth